Monitoring Systems



Electronic, self-powered monitoring system for fume cupboards

  • Easy installation, expansion and commissioning due to plug connections
  • Sockets for the most important connections are located on the outside of the casing
  • Monitoring hardware can be expanded with modules
  • Adaptable control panels for fume cupboards
  • Innovative operation to support bespoke project requirements
  • Control input signal for fans
  • Configurable monitoring functions and alarm signalling
  • Easy installation due to interactive EasyConnect configuration software
  • Power supply unit for supply voltage 90 – 250 V AC
  • 2 control panels can be connected, e.g. for fume cupboards with sash windows on two sides

Expansion options

  • Expansion modules, to be mounted into or onto the base casing
  • Easy installation and electric connection of the monitoring system
  • Expansion modules can be factory mounted or fitted at a later stage
  • Optional monitoring of supportive flow in fume cupboards