Walkair – engineering the air you need with premier market-leading brands

Walkair is one of Ireland’s leading suppliers of engineered product solutions to the HVAC market with a portfolio of premier brands that includes Trox, Bluebox, Daldrop Clean Room Solutions and Devatec. The product portfolio is now so vast that Walkair can be truly regarded as the ultimate “one-stop-shop”.

The equipment ranges from central plant such as the innovative Trox X-Cube AHU and BlueBox range of highly-efficient, free-cooling air and water cooler chillers, to end of system TROX air terminal devices and all components in between. Every conceivable HVAC design
can be catered for, be it centralised ventilation, cooling or heating, AC, chilled beam (passive and active), FCUs or VAV/CAV and lab-control applications.

However, first and foremost Walkair, in conjunction with its products partners, is dedicated to supporting consultants, contractors and end-users alike with its in-house engineering know-how and experience, to ensure the best possible use and application of its product portfolio. Walkair does not just supply products…it is a solutions provider.

Walkair supports its equipment with full technical and design facilities, commissioning and service support, backed up with more than 60 years experience in the sector. It is committed to providing high-quality engineered solutions for all application types.

Service, maintainance and spares

Walkair provides full after-sales service and offers planned maintenance, along with monitoring, repair and recurring plant maintenance contracts.

Walkair also offers 24/7 call-out facility and 4-hour response time.

Walkair Product Portfolio


X Cube and Compact AHU’s; Chilled Beams; Fan Coil Units; VAV & CAV Control Units; Lab Control Systems; Attenuators; Fire Dampers; VCDs; Computer Room Floor Grilles.


Air and Water Cooled Chillers; Free Cooling Chillers; Multifunctional Heating and Cooling Chillers; Roof Top Units.


HEPA Filters Housings; Fan Filter Units c/w Trox HEPA/ULPA Filters; Air and Misting Showers; Mobile Cleanrooms (MFlow); Weigh Booths; Extract and Sampling Booths.


Electrode and Resistive Steam Humidifiers; Evaporative Humidifiers – EvaPack™; Live Steam Humidifiers

TROX cleanroom fan coil unit (CROFCU)

The TROX cleanroom fan coil unit (CROFCU) is the future of Pharma HVAC clean room design. It can remove up to 80% of ductwork requirements and reduce commissioning by up to 50%.

60 years in the HVAC Industry